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©2019 Roxette Cryer
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My name is Roxette Cryer. 


I am an English Filipino artist, living and working on the coast of South East England.


A lot of my paintings make up of simple motifs and patterns to communicate a message. These works normally start off with sketches which are then made into vectors and digitally arranged in to a pattern to be projected and painted on to canvas. This makes a lovely cross over where digital art meets fine art, and I feel it has a lovely quality from afar and up close.


With themes such as: dangerous beauty practices, gender stereotyping and animal cruelty regularly showing up in my work, there's lots for me to explore and discover with my work.


Pattern is also something which has always been so beautiful and inspiring for me and it seems to be relevant to the message of my works. The different industries and societal behaviors that govern our lives repeat over and over, everywhere you go they are drilled in to our subconscious. Products are lined up on shelves, advertisements pasted over walls, and this is what I see as pattern and repetition. However, not all of my works follow this structure. I love being creative with pastels, paper, printmaking and more. These creative outlets all inspire and flow in to each other, and through my work I want to create awareness and conversation about our beliefs and behaviors.


I am currently looking to gain more commission work and collaborative projects. There is currently a one month waiting period with the turnover time depending on the scale of the project, but I am happy to discuss your ideas and get things rolling. Please visit the contact page.