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About Me

Photograph: Nathan Abrahams

Hi, my name is Roxette Cryer. 

I am an English Filipino artist, living and working on the coast of South East England. My practice evolved from a lot of observational drawing during art college. My tutor took us to St Pancras International in London and told us to draw the hustle and bustle down below. People going in all directions to travel to different places, some people waiting for a train, some drinking coffee with a friend. We all had our sketchbooks. I went up to the railing, took a picture on my phone, sat down and started drawing from my phone. My tutor caught me and said 'no, you've got to go and draw what you can see right in front of you!' I thought, 'How can I draw that when everyone's moving?? I'll start drawing someone's arm and in .2 seconds it will have moved.' But thankfully my tutor caught me and made me go outside my comfort zone because I learnt how to capture movement, the environment and atmosphere. Even if there are people storming through the station, you can capture that through a simple shape or scribble. You can always go and add some more details afterwards if you want. This way of drawing is lively and energetic, and it's actually really fun! In comparison to sitting down and drawing a static image from my phone anyway. And it can really allow you to understand something about the subject being drawn or something the artist was feeling whilst being there.  But don't get me wrong - drawing from a nice picture is also great and takes a lot of focus and skill. It's something I do with my commission work. I think it just takes a bit more time and delicacy, which can be really peaceful.

Since my time in college I have achieved a BA (Hons) in Illustration from The University for the Creative Arts - a.k.a UCA! I have practiced many other ways of creating art which I have really enjoyed but I always come back to the thing that gives me the most inspiration - drawing. 

Something else I have learnt which has stuck with me is paper making. So far, I have made paper from banana peels and recycled paper which is a great and rewarding process. The paper to the right is about 50/50 banana peel: recycled paper. Some of the artworks you might see on my site are created on my own handmade paper. I hope to keep learning more about this craft and use more natural materials and natural dyes.

I couldn't find the single image of the St. Pancras drawing. (It was about 2014). It's mushed in to the middle of this collage which is a composition of most of my drawings from that day.


If you wish to contact me about available works, commissions, collaborations or anything else, please email: info@roxettecryer.com


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How long will it take for a commission piece?

I hope for a commission drawing to take no longer then 2 weeks to complete and then a delivery time depending on where you are located.


How can I purchase your drawings?

Drawings are released here on the website in small collections. To be notified when the next set of drawings are available for sale, you can join my email list below. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook where I share new works before they are released. Please give me an email info@roxettecryer.com.


Return/ Refund Policy?

All sales are final as they are originals and not prints. Please take this into consideration when buying an artwork and do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions to make sure you are happy with the artwork you wish to purchase. If there are any concerns upon arrival of the artwork please email info@roxettecryer.com and we will come to a solution. Commissioned pieces are non refundable.