Roxette is an English Filipino artist, living and working on the South East coast of England. 


Her work evolved from constant practice of observational drawing and experimentation of medium and technique. After completing a BA in Illustration at The University for Creative Arts, she continued on the path of visual storytelling using mixed media, predominantly oil pastels.


Lines and marks make up an artwork that gives you a sense of place, reminiscence or intrigue. Her exploration in mark making always makes for something textural, full of colour and life; whether that be in scenery or more political pieces. 


Hand paper making is a great interest that she is constantly trying to create herself to become a more personal and meaningful surface for her work to come to life on. 


Roxette is working on expanding her practice by collaborating with other artists. Her upcoming residency at Farm Studio, India will fuel new projects and inspiration.


To contact for available works, commissions, collaborations or anything else, please email:


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